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Las Lajas Beach
Today more than ever, Panama makes sense for the would-be expat. Those who qualify for Panama’s top-ranked Pensionado (Retirement) Program can import household goods and vehicles duty-free and be eligible for a host of discounts… from 10% to 50% off everything from doctor’s visits and prescription medications to restaurants, travel, and more.

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24 may 2013

Santa Fe mountain town

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santa fe - panama

Santa Fe is located just a short drive north into the mountains above Santiago, Panama. Santa Fe is a beautiful mountain town with cool temperatures similar to, but not as cold as the highlands in Chiriqui.

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26 abr 2013

Isla Coiba consists of 50,314 hectares of virgin tropical rainforest and is the foundation of the Coiba National Park infrastructure. It is also an underdeveloped island, with about 80% of its natural habitat left untouched by human infrastructure. Topographically, Isla Coiba is hilly at the center and has a number of rivers that flow out to the ocean. The Black River, or Rio Negro, is the largest river on the island and beautiful to see in person.
The beaches of Isla Coiba are breathtaking due to their pure white sand, crystal clear water, and mesmerizing views. As you can imagine, this beauty makes it the most visited part of the island and a popular spot for divers and day tourists. Conversely, the Southern part of the island is relatively isolated, making it a tempting spot for lone surfers looking to escape the crowds.

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26 abr 2013

Panama Tours, Climb the Barú Volcano

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Baru volcano Panamá

The Baru Volcano National Park is 500 kilometers from Panama City in the Province of Chiriqui, on the Cordillera de Salamanca. It covers an area of 14,322.5 hectares. The Volcan Baru National Park was established in 1976 and is the only natural park of Panama with a volcano.

The park can be accessed by car through the towns of Boquete (on the western slopes) and Cerro Puntao (on the eastern slopes). There are hotels in Cerro Punta and Boquete. Trails lead from both towns to the summit of the volcano. The park has an administrative office with an information facility, a forest ranger, a natural trail and two ranger refuges (Repingue and Alto Chiquero)

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Climate and Landscape

Due to its location close to the Equator, Panama benefits of a humid Tropical climate. Panama has two seasons, one dry from November until May and one rainy the rest of the year. However the pacific coast has a more pronounced dry season. The temperature variation is insignificant. we can appreciate a sensible difference of temperature and humidity between the coast and the upper inside country.


Chiriqui Highlands

Chiriqui province in the west of Panama Land has a temperate climate. Punta, Volcan Boquete and Cerro are places that serve as convenient bases from where you can explore the beautiful flora and fauna found in the highlands. These cool verdant highlands, dominated by Baru which is Panama’s largest dormant volcano, are sure to offer breathtaking scenery containing cloud forests that are enchanting, more virgin rainforest than found elsewhere in the region of Panama and cute birds like three-wattled bellbird, resplendent quetzal and long-tailed silky flycatcher and above all a great investment opportunity. Various endangered mammals are found here, including Baird’s tapir and five cat species.

Chiriqui National Marine Park

The Chiriqui National Marine Park located on the Pacific coast is a combination of 19 coral reefs and 25 islands, ideal home to an extraordinary diversity of marine and terrestrial life. Amongst the sandy beaches and lush island vegetation reside four species of turtle, three species of monkey, and a wide variety of bird species. In the underwater, the reefs are rich with humpback whales, colourful marine life, dolphins and hammerhead sharks, and you can frequently observe schools of giant manta rays.

The stunning tropical paradise of Panama land has undoubtedly, the charm of old country with the lush landscape and wide fields with amazing real estate. This pristine country has the perfect impressive array of attraction that can win over any city dweller to this wonderful heaven.





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Las Lajas, Chiriqui, between the Panamerican Highway and the Beach of Las Lajas. (Las Lajas is located between Santiago and David). It is 5 minutes away from the Interamericana and 10 minutes away from the beach, which can be reached easiliy by the new road.

The City of David is the capital of the province of Chiriqui and is considered the third largest city of the Republic of Panama. The community of Las Lajas is fifty miles (70 kms.) East of the city of David, extending all the way through the Interamerican Highway.

From the City of David can be reached at the Community of Las Lajas using internal bus lines that will take you directly to Las Lajas for two balboas and twenty-five cents (2.25 US$). You can also use bus lines to towns like San Felix, Remedios or Tolé, but in this case you should get off at the San Félix Crossing.




In the neighborhood of Rincon Largo de Las Lajas, an aerodrome is located only in the region that is used for landing of small aircraft (airplanes). It has been used historically by authorities and Motta Family for landing their private jets. The same is recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority of Panama and is present in aerial navigation maps for many years.

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